Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A number of our attorneys and staff members work remotely in the evenings or while traveling. How best can we protect the electronic files they are using/working with?

A: First, any data that is resting on your attorneys’ or staffs’ mobile device needs to be encrypted. Next, have a policy that no client information is accessed via free Wi-Fi hotspots. Finally, have your attorneys and staff avoid using hotel “business centers” computers to access client information.

Q: Some of my partners want our IT firm to limit access to certain websites via our servers. I say people will just use their own devices and access those websites anyway. What say You?

A: You may be correct, but there is still benefit from excluding access to certain websites from your servers. The concern is that your system will become contaminated or infected with malware found on some websites.

Q: Can law firms predict cyber-crimes rather than simply respond to it?

A: There is no way to predict every possible threat. However, law firms can prepare for the possibility. Cyber insurance and training of staff go a very long way to protect your practice.

Q: How real are cyber risks for law firms? Should I be concerned?

A: The treat is very real. The FBI has issued warnings as have several state attorney generals. Your clients’ information has value. Ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency too. Do not underestimate your firm’s exposure.

Q: How frequently do out staff members need to change their passwords?

A: Typically, passwords should be altered every six months. More important than the alteration is the length and complexity. Passwords should have 10 characters that include symbols and/or numbers.